How Do Your Customers REALLY See You? Developing Humility for Business Success

Hold up a mirror…

A business owner’s responsibility

Learning the power of humility

10 steps to becoming humble

  1. Admit to yourself that you need to work on being more humble!
  2. Identify when you have difficulty being humble and your ego takes over.
  3. Make a list of your character strengths and stort-comings.
  4. When you speak with other people, notice your urge to match what the other person says or to “one up” them and don’t share, just listen.
  5. Identify the strengths of others, not their flaws, be compassionate about who and why they are the way they are.
  6. Identify ways you can put other’s needs before your own and don’t brag or take credit for doing nice things for others.
  7. Express your gratitude to others.
  8. Identify and own your own mistakes and don’t justify or blame others.
  9. Be open to constructive criticism and seek it from others you trust.
  10. Continue to look for ways to learn about humility practices.

In Conclusion:

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